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Combined Small School Camp



Tshanti biscuiting and high ropes were the highlights of the camp. I enjoyed them because they taught me different skills, work in teams and we had to place our trust in adults and other team members.

Sarah At camp I met new people, went on low ropes and went down to the dam to make rafts and we splashed Miss Tass with the cold water. It was fun.

Kiowa I liked going swimming in the dam and building the raft with Mrs Lyons. The water was cold and I had to wear a life jacket.

Oscar - My favourite part of the camp was making the rafts and I loved jumping off the raft into the water and I liked the treasure hunt.

Maddason – I loved camp because I loved sleeping in the tent, swimming in the dam, making the raft with mum and Miss Tass. The low ropes were fun.

Courtney I enjoyed camp and doing the G-swing because it went so high. I did a free fall and it was awesome. I also enjoyed sharing camp with Eungella.

Riley I had a wicked time on camp. My favourite part was the biscuiting and G-swing. These two activities I did for the first time, I was nervous but I liked the thrill of it.

Jack I liked watching people at camp, playing games and seeing my friends. I missed days because I was sick.

Safire I enjoyed the high ropes, G-swing and facing many challenges especially my fear of heights. I liked hanging out with the Eungella students. Biscuiting was awesome.

Fergus On camp we went to Kinchant Dam and I liked making the raft with Miss Tass and the parents. I loved jumping off the raft into the cold water. The life jacket kept me afloat.

Matrika - I enjoyed mixing with the Eungella crew. I loved doing biscuiting, canoeing and sleeping in the tents. I didn’t get much sleep.

Awatea I loved school camp. The best thing was being on the dam and doing biscuiting and canoeing. I fell off the biscuit tube once but managed to pull myself back on. It was exciting being pulled behind the speed boat.

Jakob I loved going on the biscuit because we went really fast at high speed and I only fell off once. Ialso liked canoeing and I tipped the canoe twice and got wet.

Harry Going biscuiting was definitely the best part of camp as I got flung around on an inflated tube out on the dam. The G-swing was also great fun too. The worst part was that it was freezing cold at night time.

Madison- I enjoyed camp and had the most fun on biscuiting. I challenged myself on the high ropes and I felt very proud.